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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Ancient Love <>

Okay, I know I haven’t updated in, like, a reeeeeeeeeeeeally long time and I’m sorry! ^_^” I’m going to put a story up for ya’ll, okay?? It’s good, so hopefully you’ll like it.

Ancient Love~ A Story of Egypt, Duel Monsters, and Humor~

watched her friend with baited anticipation, making sure that she was safe. “Hey, Mana” She asked, “What are you doing? I mean, I don’t think Pharaoh Atemu wanted you to drop a dung ball on High Priest Seth.” The purple eyed girl was unsure of Mana’s mission.

“Of COURSE he meant this! It’s what he’s wanted to do for all his life and never had a chance to. So sit down and watch.” She replied in a rushed whisper. The dark brown haired 13 year old smirked as she saw a figure approaching. “That must be him! He always walks by here at night!” She said back to Zila. Her lips drawn back into a smile, she dropped the bag of dung onto the figure’s head. The surprised yell made Mana jump back.

“That is NOT Seth. That is DEFINITELY not Seth, Zila! What are we going to do?!” Her brown eyes were wide with fear and excitement, somehow both at the same time. Zila looked back down off of the balcony.

“He’s not there anymore, Mana.” She replied. “Let’s just go tell Mahaado and be on our way back to our beds.” Mana shook her head.

“We can’t tell Mahaado, Zila! He’ll totally turn us into a frog! Do you want to finish your training as a Scribe, or not?” Zila thought for a second before nodding her head. “I do. But I do NOT want this to come back and Haunt my conscience.”

Mana’s eyes grew wide as she stared at something behind Zila’s back. “Zi…Zila...Watch out!” She yelled. Zila felt something to her back as she went to turn around.

Well well, aren’t we out a little late for two teenagers?” The man said. He smirked as Mana stood there fuming.

“You’re Diabound Bakura! Why are you here, in the Temple of Horus?! And Zila’s not a teenager; she’s well into her twentieth summer!”

“Oh, so you’re the responsible Adult here? I could have assumed as much. And you, girl” he pointed to Mana, “You will go back to bad not telling a soul about what you saw tonight, is that clear? I will hunt you down if otherwise.”

Mana shook her head yes and shot down the hallway, the night suddenly silent as her footsteps faded off into the cold Marble temple. Zila felt herself growing hot.

“You let me go! I didn’t do anything to you!” She yelled. Her head turned as she looked into his ice green eyes.

“But you did. You got dung in my hair. And for that, you will pay.”

Zila fainted as Bakura carried her off down the hallway, last hearing the echoed yelling of Mahaado.

Like it?? ^_^ I do. Chapter ONE up soon!



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Tuesday, March 08, 2005


NarutoFever.com Love Compatibility Test

I got Kakashi! Whoot!


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Monday, March 07, 2005

Coco Cooo had to take the tendon off...

...OMG. Poor Lois! I feel for you, Loco Coco Cooo! :( -cries- No! You can't come to Regionals!

"Ooh...let's watch it grow!"~Whitney Jones as as looked upon my hurt ankle in despair...sort of.
"Oh no Lois! Oh my Gosh!"~Me as I looked upon Lois's broken tendon/foot-thingie.

Poor Lois...and Whitney, too! She's got Mono...and cannot go anywheres. She sleeps a lot, and favours popscicles. Oh well. Whatever.

Love ya,

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