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Monday, January 24, 2005

Whom is the supreme knowledgeable peep about Ancient Egypt...

That is what I put on my thing we were doing in Library Research. That is what I put. I'm serious. I really did. And I probably do know more than anyone else here at SFCS on that topic. Like the fact that it took over 30 years to build the Great Pyramid. And it was made for King Khufu. And they also made 3 smaller Pyramids for his chief wives. (He had more than one...wierd.)

That's what I said. And I don't regret it. Ask me anything. ALMOST anything. That is all.

~Love ya Later~

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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Okay,Study Hall!

I am in study hall, and it's a really freeeeeeeaky keyboard. The space key is wack. Anyways...

I LOVE DONUTS! *laughs* I had a really great thing happen yesterday! I'm gonna get a Linkin Park wristband. Probably Saturday! YAY! And I get 3 Flashy-Benji piccys to put up in my locker/room.

I did better at the meet in Florida. I was the only Junior!

Got a new CD. It's Green Day's American Idiot, and I've memorized only one of the songs. (( She's a Rebel)) And they rock! I've got one of their songs on my iPod Mini, and it rocks ice cream! Ha, ha!

I'm writing a letter to one of the guys from LP. He turns 28 on February 11th.

I think that's all. I think. Maybe more later.

~Love ya Later~

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