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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I fixed the blogging messages...I think.

I think I fixed it! Anyways, if you wanna leave a comment, do it in the tagboard. I hope everyone likes meh new skin for it. It's Linkin Park, and really COOL!

Anyways...Christmas is coming really soon, and as everyone may already know, my dad is out of a job. It's Christmas, and no one has the heart at this cheerful time of year to even give him a chance in an interview. It's sad, because then he even gets me a PS2 and an IPod Mini. Spending all his money on me. He really cares a ton about me and mom. I mean, he goes full out. It reminds me that this season is for GIVING...not RECIEVING.....and I need to practice the first one more. I should remember that it should be Christmas every day. Givin' It All Away...like Jesus did...

Jesus is the reason for the season, Ya'll!

~Luv ya Later,~

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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

New View on meets and Exams

Okay, before this, I would've said that exams are a waste of time, and meets would...SHOULD come before them. But I'm wrong. EXAMS ARE EVIL! AND COMING IN ABOUT 2 WEEKS! RUN FOR COVER!

They're not gone yet...and I have to study next weekend while at my friend's house. AND at the gym after competition. No cheering for the level 5 and 6 people. Sorry girls, but I'll still call out all of your names at the beginning!

DAY 1: History and English
DAY 2:Bible and Math
DAY 3: NONE! YAY! :)
DAY 4:Science and (can you believe it?) Orchestra

Friday we have all-school chapel, which I am playing Viola in. And THIS WEEK I have a parade on Sunday and a choir practice on Saturday. Next week I have around 5 tests to take. It's stressing, really.

~Luv Ya Later~

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