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Sunday, November 21, 2004

...Math....is done.

The math homework for the weekend is FINISHED! YESH! Hear that Mr. H? I finished your evil time consuming math homework! Yay! I'm off to make a quiz on quizilla.com now! I had a good idea last night for one, but didn't have time to get on! :) Oh, the play went well yesterday. Yup, yup! Alex Majors and Emily Keown did good. Dave did sound. <) I wanna learn how to do sound!

~Luv ya later~

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Yet another 1000 words down...

...and 47,000 to go. Or Something close to that. In fact, that's how it was suppoused to be 2 weeks ago. I'm a little behind. Just a little. Okay, a LOT behind. A TON of a lot. Maybe if I wrote day and night I could catch up. MAYBE.

I wrote none in about 5 minutes. Sorry, but I have no EFFORT TO FINISH A STORY! I WILL finish this one, though. It's working title is 'Killing Amethyst Castle' and it's got 2,817 words in it and 3 chapters. Wish me luck!

~luv you later~

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I'm BACK!!!!!!!

Maybe because I do SO MUCH that I can’t get on to write? That’s terrible. Anyways, I was bored today, so I changed the layout on my blog, yay! I was being extremely lazy these past two weeks, never even time to get on s-k.com! It is REALLY bad that I can’t get on enough. TERRIBLE! I’M GOING TO DIE WITHOUT IT! I know that I haven’t been exactly faithful to blogging, but I will start trying as of NOW! (Hears a shotgun in the background) Okay, let’s start!

That is all I had to say. (Is going back to making changes to the format, also.)

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