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Friday, September 10, 2004

It's called, "Ask Amanda!"

I'm writing in red! Yay! ^^ Anyways, Today I wrote a song... it's really good. Sorry, Mr. Harmless, but I did it during that talk you gave about being quiet...maybe that's why I wasn't good today. But... I made up this thing, called, "Ask Amanda!" And it's really funny. It is what would happen if all the people would come to me for answers. TERRIBLE ENDING! It was funny to think of one of the popular girls coming around to me when they get older.

Brittney: "Amanda, what should I wear to my prom? I need to look good."

Me: "Ummmm....a dress? Or, if you're going for au natural, try nude. That would catch you date's eyes."

I know. Baad. Maybe I couldn't have all the answers...but God does! I know that one! God knows all about us, even how many hairs are on our head. (That's a lot, by the way)

Well, Ask Amanda! might not turn out good, but Ask God! will. He'll give you the right doors to go through in your life.

(P.S: For anyone out there, I doubt that Brittney will go nude. She'll probably go in something PINK. Ewww.)

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